Direction IP Law is a law firm focused on protecting intellectual property ("IP") assets.  

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Direction IP Law can assist with protecting your "soft" intellectual property assets, including trademarks and copyrights.  Mr. Bennett has served as outside IP counsel for a NYSE company with responsibility for managing trademark and copyright portfolios, enforcement and licensing programs, and filing U.S. and international trademark applications. 

In which Direction will your IP take you?



Direction IP Law counsels clients on licensing strategies, acquiring intellectual property, evaluating inventions, and managing intellectual property portfolios. Mr. Bennett can also help you with managing your intellectual property portfolio to improve its value and decrease your maintenance costs


Whether you are seeking to assert your patents or defending your technology against an accusation of patent infringement by another company, Mr. Bennett has over 20 years of patent litigation experience to help you protect your business assets and achieve your business goals. 

Direction IP Law also has the experience to help you avoid litigation.  Mr. Bennett has negotiated hundreds of licenses for intellectual property that have avoided costly litigation.  If you are launching a new product, Mr. Bennett can create a defensive position by developing strategies for analyzing competitor's patents and writing opinions supporting your decision to enter the market. 

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​​​Direction IP Law is a law firm focused on protecting intellectual property ("IP") assets. 

David R. Bennett, Principal of Direction IP Law, has the broad-based experience in intellectual property litigation, trademark prosecution, licensing, and counseling to assist you with achieving your business goals. 

Direction IP Law can help you make sure that your IP takes you in the right direction.

  • Internet and computer systems
  • Software
  • Electrical engineering
  • Polymer chemistry (catalysts, processes, and plastics)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Agricultural products